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Infant/ToddlerDevelopment Specialist

My Story

For over thirty years now, I have had the pleasure of nurturing & fostering the development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. I have been privileged to work with families from many cultures and walks of life in hospitals, clinics, and homes. My extensive experience includes work with premature babies, medically fragile infants, and children with various developmental challenges such as Cerebral Palsy, genetic disorders, sensory processing challenges, feeding disorders, attention difficulties, language delays and early-diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders.

"Recognized for her compassion, excellent clinical skills, and easy rapport with children and families, Cindy has built a successful private practice based on her impeccable reputation in the field of Early Intervention and Assessment."

~ JoAnne K. Early Start Service Coordinator, 

San Diego Regional Center

As a mom to four children, including twins who were born prematurely, I have long related to issues of parenting from both a professional and personal standpoint. I understand how scary things can feel, and how important it is to have thorough and accurate information about your child’s health and development. I understand that as a parent your concerns and questions need to be directly & thoroughly addressed, and that your child deserves to flourish and learn in an environment that is safe, fun, challenging and comfortable.

My Professional Experience includes:

  • Master's Degree from George Washington University

  • Faculty of Pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical Center for 7 year

  • Experience in Neonatal and Pediatric ICU environments

  • 30+ years in private practice

  • Trained in Neuro-Developmental Therapy and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders

  • Certified in Floortime therapy for children on the Autistic Spectrum

  • Certified Lactation Educator

  • Spanish speaking


All children learn and perform best when they are in a loving, relaxed and supportive environment. Successful early intervention advances your baby’s developmental skills by pairing them with age appropriate toys, materials and motivational activities. Communication, playful interaction, and encouragement are the cornerstones of qualitative learning.

My BabyStep's Philosophy

Parents, siblings and extended family are an integral part of the intervention process. Please feel free to ask any and all questions that help you better understand your child’s growth and development. BabySteps will your child’s needs and goals, and support you as a parent by providing suggestions and activities that you can use on a daily basis. 

My BabySteps embraces a holistic approach and considers all areas of development to be mutually supportive and interdependent. Recognizing and respecting each child’s unique temperament and personality is crucial to establishing rapport and trust.


My BabySteps seeks to improve an infant's overall health and well-being by working with parents and baby in the earliest stages of development. 

What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention is a well-established field of clinical practice dedicated to promoting optimal outcomes for infants and toddlers in all areas of development.

When Should I Seek Help?

  • I am a first time parent and have so many questions.

  • As a parent, I have a feeling something may not be right.

  • I don't know what "normal development" is and I am worried that my baby is behind.

  • My pediatrician recommended a development consultation.

  • My older child has special needs and I am concerned about my younger child.

  • My baby was in the NICU and is considered high-risk.

Is My Baby High-Risk?


  • Premature babies less than 35 weeks gestation

  • Low-birth weight infants, small for age babies

  • Infants with medical, genetic or chronic health problems

  • Quiet babies who do not babble or respond

  • Infants with preterm exposure to drugs or alcohol

  • Babies with an established family history of learning difficulties, speech/language delays, autism spectrum disorders, emotional or behavior problems

Bringing home a baby from the NICU?

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What are the Benefits?

     Early intervention has been proven to:

  • Improve your child's quality and rate of development 

  • Reduce the possibility of long-term social, emotional and educational problems

  • Prevent problems and bad habits from getting worse

  • Reduce parental anxiety

  • Put parents in touch with the correct help and support as soon as possible

  • Ease the transition to pre-school

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Our Happy Thriving Babies & Toddlers!

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Development Therapy

Preschool Readiness Skills

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Assessment / Evaluation


Language Enrichment



Areas Of Assessment


attending, learning, memory, imitation, problem solving, concept formation, and play skills


use of large muscles, balance, core strength, muscle tone and coordination


hand strength, finger dexterity, manipulation, pre-writing skills, sensory and tactile processing


pre-verbal skills, gestural development, object/picture identification, verbal comprehension, and vocabulary and speech development



response to people, eye contact, coping skills, communicating needs, using emotional signals



adaptive skills for everyday living related to dressing, eating, and self-care



response to rules and social boundaries with family, peers, and in the community 


Identify a current Development Skill Profile.

Establish goals to advance learning in all areas.

Promote proper positioning, early hand use and primary motor development.

Foster early communication, social interaction and feeding skills.

Provide monitoring of your baby's skills, needs and progress.

Offer support and advice for parenting issues.




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