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Lactation Consultation

Personal consultation for new nursing moms.  

Questions, concerns, difficulties, advice. 

Includes newborn oral-motor screening, 

observation of feeding, suck & swallow abilities. 

Recommendations for positioning, latching, & personal needs.

Initial consult & 1 follow-up included. 


 Newborn Behavioral Observation

 Neuro-developmental & behavioral screening using the NBO System. 

 Examines your newborn’s reflex behavior, muscle tone, state regulation, 

 self-soothing abilities, early temperament, & sensory alertness.  

Parenting & care advice based on individual responses of your baby.

2-6 weeks


Infant Massage Instruction 

Ongoing – a new 2-session class begins when enrollment reaches 

6 attendees. A perfect opportunity to bond with your baby and learn about newborn behavior and development.

 To sign up, contact

6 weeks – 4 months


Developmental Wellness Evaluation

Learn more about your baby's development in all skill areas to ensure that they are staying on track. Standardized assessment of your little one's abilities using the IDA2- Infant/Toddler Development Assessment.  8 areas of early learning, 

gross & fine motor skills, language-communication, and 

social/emotional development.  Completed with parents in a fun, relaxed and 

play-centered environment.

2 months-3 years 


Developmental Therapy & Floor-Time

1:1 ongoing intervention for infants & toddlers 

For purposes of developmental catch-up, well-being, emotional IQ, 

confidence and achievement.  Concerns may be related to prematurity, health concerns, developmental delay, early autism, sensory concerns & genetic conditions

0-2+ years


Pre-School Tutoring

1:1 sessions with your older toddler to solidify important 

cognitive concepts, fine-motor, vocabulary, pretend play

and social skills.  Preparing for preschool will improve your child’s 

confidence as well as refine listening, attention span, task completion,

problem solving, conversation skills, pre-writing skills, and turn-taking!

2.5-4 years


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